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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Another Valentine's Day has come and gone. Did it have any life changing implications? Probably not.

However, Valentine's doesn't have to be about all that mushy, gooey, romatic, lovey dovey stuff. Valentine's can and should be about acknowledging the friendships we have with others.

Platonic love...This love I speak of is, and will always be, greater than any romantic love one will have. Friendships last a lifetime and more, in ways that we probably often take for granted.

Going out to dinner, sharing a few laughs, enjoying a movie together....these are examples of shared experiences that make friendships so great.

On that note, 50 First Dates...kind of ironic to see it on Valentine's, being that I've never had a date date. Movie is a cute little story that allows you to experience a wide spectrum of feelings. Ultimately, it makes the viewer think about how they can demonstrate true feelings of caring for someone, without it getting stale or boring. Bottomline, relationships take work! Relationships just don't grow if they aren't nutured and cared for everyday.


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