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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Additional Thoughts

My weekend has flown by. Saturday was a good day, overall. Prior to going to bowling, we dropped my sister, Lynn, off at the eye doctor for her check-up.

Lori needed to look for shoes, so we went to Sports Authority. I love sporting goods stores; its like a potential treasure hunt waiting to happen! I really had no intentions on looking for anything in particular, nor did I need anything. Immediately, I noticed a display for Under Armour products and took interest. Under Armour is a brand of sportswear; really made well and comfortable stuff. It's somewhat rare to find their products in stores in Hawaii, so I took a while looking through the variety of products that were there.

I love hats. I probably have 50 caps. My mom always asks me, "How many heads do you have, Brian?" I reply, "One, Mom." "Then why do you have so many caps?!" "Hmm, because I just like 'em!" Anyway, I found a nice Under Armour cap and proceeded to find my mom and sister by the shoes.

Having me anywhere near shoes is highly dangerous. I'm bound to find a pair I like! There were a pair of white and green Air Jordan's that were released a few weeks back. I'm a size 9, which is one of the more popular sizes of men's shoes. I haven't seen any shops with this particular model of Jordan's, the Jordan IV. I browsed the shoe section, and found the Jordan area. A whole slew of boxes stacked to the ceiling; really not a great system to showcase prooducts. Unless a customer is patient and searches through the mass of boxes. I'm a patient person, and proceeded to take a look at what was there. "Air Jordan Retro IV" immediately caught my eye. Size 10...rats, too big! There wasn't a 9 to be found in plain view; by then my sister was done searching and had come to alert me that we were leaving.

"Help me find a size 9," I asked Lori.

"Come on, we need to go!" she retorts.

"Let's ask the salesperson for help."

"Fine." And Lori proceeds to flag down a salesperson for help.

"A size 9? Let's see," the saleslady said as she moved the many boxes. "Ah, here we go. A size 9, right?"

"Thank you!" my sister replies. "Okay Brian, hurry up! Let's go. I'll be waiting outside."

So, I hurry and pay for my merchandise and off we were.

Bowling started off decent enough. I had an average start. My second game was even better, my confidence was starting to rise! My doubles partner (we wager for entertainment puposes as to how we score), Roland, had a decent second game as well, so we took the jackpot for doubles. I was happy to have helped Roland win; we haven't won in a while.

Confidence and happy feelings went bye bye as quick as they arrived. My final game was yet another horrendous performance in this ever so young season. A sub-100 game...ouch! I left the bowling alley feeling befuddled, trying to search for what went wrong. "You only can go up from here!" I'll bounce back soon enough. Often times, I can overanalyze situations, which only complicates matters even more. I WILL bowl better soon!

Just a couple hours ago, we said goodbye to Lori as she departed for Washington. She starts another semester, her senior year, in about a week. I know she'll have another great semester!

Tomorrow will be a full day of practice. Morning session for about 3 hours. A short break, and then its another 2 hour session in the afternoon! I can't wait for morning to come!

Lori leaving Hawaii for school in Washington


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