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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Fun with a Migraine Headache

Today my sister, Lynn, arrived back from Oregon for a short visit before the Fall semester begins. Here are a couple pictures to celebrate the occasion (or is it to loathe it?):

Happy to be long will this last?!

"Oh joy, my sisters invade my room no sooner they arrive home!"

Today I endured a migraine headache all day. Migraine headaches are possibly the worst things someone can experience; they totally render you useless! However, I knew I was going into work today...I had a task to complete...Dr. Skouge had CD's that needed to be duplicated for his course, so students would receive them before the next conference call. So, I took 4 Advils and off to work I went. That was fine, I felt decent enough to be out.

Life won't always go as planned. There are some people who are constantly busy and have a billion things going on in their lives; I admire and respect that! Jim is such a person. So, in the end, the CD's weren't ready to be duplicated, but I worked as best I could on other tasks.

I knew I was leaving early for the day, as my sister arrived home around mid-day, and my mom was driving everyone (the family) home. And I didn't want her to make another trip back for me, so I decided to leave when they were heading home. I was happy to see my sister, Lynn.

Before Jim and I said our byes for the day, we did have a good discussion. We talked about ideas for the Fall. Maybe I'm feeling the effects of my migraine, but admittedly I'm feeling some anxiety and stress over what is to unfold in a few weeks. I KNOW being a Graduate Assistant will entail lots of work...however, being that this will be my first attempt at balancing a full-time gig (at least by student-employment standards), I'd be lying if I said I wasn't concerned about my abilities to satisfactorily perform my duties as both a GA and a student.

My #1 priorities are my academics and family. I take extreme pride in doing the very best I can on my school work (papers, exams, presentations, etc.). I either go all out and commit myself fully or I don't commit at all. I don't do anything (or try not to) half-assed; I know some people can get by with putting forth less than a full effort. I'm NOT that person.

With that said, Jim has commented, "Don't worry, I won't allow this (the GA'ship) to kill you." I appreciate those words and I truly believe his sincerity. Along those same lines, I'm hoping to reciprocate those feelings by maybe reminding Jim not to overextend himself to the point that it starts affecting his health. We ALL know that being healthy is so very vital; if we're not 100% health-wise, we can't do all the good that we strive for! I do care, thus I am writing this...

Apologies in advance for the erratic nature of this entry. Writing is somewhere that I can find some peace, in an odd sense by expressing my feelings, I feel calmed. My headache is reminding me that I need to get my sleep...


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