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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Randomness for the week:

A cloud formation above Aloha Stadium prior to the UH vs.
San Jose St. game

The calm before battle

Welcome home, Brent! It's great to have you back in town after quite a while. My friend, Brent, and I go back about 14 years. He's been a great source of support, wisdom, and fun. He's now a police officer in a large, windy city.

Go Warriors! Tough task awaits the UH Warrior football team as they take on Boise St. on a Friday night ESPN2 featured game (2pm HST, 8pm EST). Frigid conditions will be the atmosphere in which the team will need to pull together in order to bring home a win. Timmy Chang, Hawaii's QB, will undoubtedly break Ty Detmer's NCAA record for all-time passing yards - all that's left is 241 yards, which should come just before halftime or in the early third quarter. A great feat, indeed, but even more history could be made if the Warriors can defeat the Broncos of Boise St.

Don't forget to exercise your right (and responsibility) to vote on November 2!!!

Until next week.....


  • At 2:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I thought that maybe after the loss to Boise State you'd be too depressed to update your page, but now that Timmy-boy has the record, you'd better be posting soon!
    - Taron


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