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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Turkey Day

Just a short post to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that everyone got to enjoy a good feast with friends and family.

I did some pondering last night as to what I'd say if someone asked me "What are you most thankful for?" And, I came up with all sorts of ideas and thoughts, but all of these ideas shared a common theme. I'm most thankful for ALL of the people in my life who are and continue to be supportive of everything I've done and am doing. To those people, I say, "Thank you!"

Randomness for the week:

Steven and Dr. Skouge shooting a segment on
technology at the office a couple
weeks ago.

Ms. Steinlager Hawaii at
Pizza during
the Fresno St. vs Hawaii

game on November 12;

one of the few highlights
of that night!

Another rainbow over the UH Football practice
field last
week, ain't it beautiful?!


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