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Monday, August 28, 2006

Who are YOU?

You think its easy for me just to live life;
You think its easy for me to just go and do;
You think I'm endlessly brave and strong;
You think I'm unemotional and unattached.

I can be all of these things;
At times I am all of these things.

But there are days when its not the case;
Do you think I'm still "cool" on such days?
It doesn't matter what YOU think
Because I live my life for me, not YOU.

Who are you?
That's a question I ask myself
Each and everyday.
I try to see who you are,
With my near-perfect vision.
But clarity never reveals itself.

Why must you be so vague?
Why must you be so tempting?
Why must you be so caring?
Why must you be so intertwined in my being?

I go to bed dreaming of you.
I go to school to reach you.
I sit outside under the sun thinking of you.
I type every paper cognizant of you.
I drink cautiously as I ponder you.

You may have a hook on me,
But I have the ultimate control.
Sure, you may get the better of me at times
But I won't remain defeated.

I will rise up and fight again;
To greater heights and beyond.

I love you.
I hate you.
I adore you.
I despise you.

Who are you?


  • At 3:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hello Brian,
    My name is Joseph York and I live
    in Clarkesville, Georgia. I am
    21 years old and I also have
    cerebal palsy(spastic Quad). I
    have had the opportunity to be a
    Student Coach on our Habersham Central Football team for 5 years.
    I too love football and I play the
    game thru watching my players. I
    have a best friend and His name is
    Jesus Christ. Do you know Him
    Brian?? If you do not know Him it
    is very simple to meet Him - you
    recognize that you are a sinner and
    that you need a Savior. John 3:16
    I admire you very much and enjoyed
    your video and I saw it the first
    time on CSTV. By the way I am a
    GEORGIA Fan and I love my DAWGS. In fact, one of my players is going
    to be playing for Georgia next year
    as a WR and will add even more to
    speed to their already quick striking offense. Will you be at
    the game in New Orleans on January 1st? I will be looking for you on
    the sideline as I view the game from home that day. Good Luck and
    God Bless, Joseph York


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